Zaia - Founder & CEO

Design Strategy, Product Design and Development
Zaia is an iOS based event planning app. I built Zaia with the singular goal of making the lives of  Do-It-Yourself Event Planning hosts simpler. This is a $5Billion dollar market without any clear leader, and a tonne of fragmentation, which made it the perfect industry to tackle (Pre COVID)
My Contributions
End-to-End product strategy
Product Design and Development
Event planning landscape
Apr 2014 - Mar 2015
The event planning tools landscape is a fragmented and static space, where products that were built in the early 2000's haven't adapted to user's needs. When we began building Zaia in 2019 we wanted to change that.

We wanted to build a one stop shop for DIY hosts, starting with the best-in-class event planning tools. This is what we set out to build, against competitors like Evite, Paperless-post and Hobnob.

Zaia is a personalized, effortless, clutter-free event planning experience. With Zaia hosts can create beautiful events within seconds in the Zaia app, and send invites right to the guest's phone via text message.
Product Experience
With the goal of hassle free event planning in mind, we set out to build the entire suite of features event hosts needed to  successfully plan events. Our features were driven by mapping out the user journey, observing user behavior and constantly evolving the product based on specific feedback from our users.

Invite Experience

To personalize the event invitation experience we built a feature-set to support "Video invites". With video invites you could record a 30 second video about your event, or create a video from your photos using the Zaia "collage" wizard.

SMS based invites

In an effort to remove any friction in the invite and the RSVP process, we incorporated SMS based web invites. With web invites, hosts could invite guests without having them download the Zaia app. Invite gets sent via SMS message, with a custom link created for each gues.

Custom Web-links

Customizable weblinks were the easiest ways for guests to share their event and request RSVPs. Event hosts didn't want to always invite guests one by one, so we added this capability to enable guests to add themselves to the event. All that the host had to do was share the link to an existing message forum or via email.

Guest lists

Event hosts organized their guests as lists to enable them to plan better. Creating lists within Zaia enabled hosts to stay organized by not forget inviting important guests and helped them to invite a large number of guests via one-click.

Video Collage maker

When we added the "video invite" capability, we quickly realized we needed to provide the right set of tools for our hosts to create these invites. Video collage maker did just that. Using collage maker, hosts could pick specific templates and choose photos from their gallery to create beautiful video collages.

Our hosts loved this feature so much that we added a "download" feature so that they could save these videos for later.

Other design work