Amazon Key

In-Home and In-Car Delivery
Project Overview
Amazon Key was Amazon's bold answer to solving the problem of package theft in urban cities for Prime Members. I was the second designer brought on to the Amazon Key team, to bring the vision of In-Home and In-Car delivery to life. I spent 1.5 years designing Amazon Key, all the way from idea to launch.
My Contributions
Ownership of App IA, Settings, V1 Entry/Exit Videos
Collective ownership of styleguide and design strategy
Motion Design
Package theft is a huge problem for prime customers in urban areas. At Key we realized that we could build effective solutions to not just solve this problem, but also add more value on top of it. This was a high-risk, high-reward project that as a team, we decided to tackle head on.
Problem space, impact
We quickly realized our key goal was to win our customer's trust. We needed to convince Prime Customers, who were already loyal to the Amazon brand, that we would respectfully solve the problem of package theft, keeping their safety/privacy in mind.

To be able to do that, we decided to come up with a comprehensive in-home delivery solution that involved 3 key components

- 2P and 3P Smart Lock to allow remote home entry
- Smart Camera that would capture the entire sequence
- Mobile App which provided complete control and instantly relayed notifications at real-time of any home access/delivery events
Tasks and Action
Designing for Trust

Tenets to Design for Trust

We design our app experiences keeping the notion of familiarity and usability in mind. Our design is modern, but we don't introduce unfamiliar patterns as we bias for usability
We communicate without ambiguity, using simple, straightforward language. Communication is concise and to the point. We don't make false promises
Our design decisions focus on minimalism. We remove more than we add, avoid decoration or too much movement as they clutter the user's focus and cause confusion
We pioneer a new product experience by orchestrating various online and offline experiences seamlessly. When Key works, the experience is so elegant that it reminds our customers that they are living in the future
Launching Key as a tiny design team of 4 designers enabled us move fast, think big and take huge chunks of ownership. As designers we are always excited about designing the future of deliveries at Amazon. Though our initial hypothesis was that customers would be "less sensitive" to Amazon Key Idea in the "Airbnb" world, due to a few product tradeoffs that we had to make, and "squishy" aspects of trust, Key did not end up succeeding in its current form. Today Key thrives as a "Garage" delivery solution, with a lot of the building blocks we put in place as a team, which we are super proud about.
Launch and Beyond
Changing with time